Monday, July 20, 2015

Vibes Weather

Just then the wind came squalling through the door
But who can the weather command?
- Grateful Dead

Predicting the weather is never easy, but we try. One Vibes tradition is Occifer Boland's forecasts, which start about a week before the festival. It's too far out to forecast with any reliability, but the Occifer says "So far, so good on the long range of GFS and Euro weather models."

Gathering of the Vibes has seen its share of dramatic weather over the years. Here are some highlights.

July 1, 2001
Red Hook, NY
The storms from Red Hook are legendary, but we can't locate records for that specific location.
Precip: 1.19 inch (recorded in Albany)

August 20, 2006
Mariaville, NY
This is the year of Random with "ThunderBob Weir." Again, we can't locate records for that specific location.
Precip: 1.17 inch (recorded in Albany)

August 10, 2007
It was chilly and raining sideways on the first Friday morning back in Bridgeport.
Low: 55.9°
Precip: 0.41 inch

July 23rd, 2009
Tropical storm conditions prevailed on Thursday night. The main PA speakers cut out several times during DSO's set. Moe.'s set  on the 24th was cut short due to lightning, as was CSN's set on the 26th. The Machine's late night set on the 24th was cancelled.
Precip: 1.47 inch

July 22nd, 2011
Schweddy Vibes
As unpleasant as this heat wave was, Gathering of the Vibes had truckloads of ice and everybody stayed hydrated and as cool as possible.
High: 102.9° (official record—some accounts have readings near 105°)

Vibes does everything they can to keep you safe. Weather emergency announcements are made from the stage, over Radio Vibes on WPKN 89.5, and on the official GOTV mobile apps.

There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.
- Wavy Gravy

No matter what you do, take care of your shoes.
- Phish

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