Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday morning Vibes

We're back! It feels like we never left, except the trailer is newer and has nicer walls.

Here's the schedule (subject to change, as always)

10 am – The Morning Show with Dave, Bruce, and Gordon
1 pm – Vibes Quest - tag team radio with Terry Hopper and the remote crew
  • 3 pm Hayley Jane & the Primates
  • 4 pm Ryan Montbleau
  • 5:15 pm Strangefolk
  • 7:05 pm Max Creek
  • 9 pm Dark Star Orchestra


Matt said...

Any way for us to listen if we aren't within FM broadcast range?

David Golden said...

Unfortunately, no. We're not allowed to stream Vibes music.

Matt said...

Boooo! Why not?