Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Punch List—9 days away

We're nine days away, and preparations are underway for many Vibe Tribers. There may be many more who are not prepared, and if you fall into this category, keep reading.

By today, you should have:

  • Verified that you have tickets and know where they are
  • Taken out your camping gear checked to see what (if anything) needs repair. This gives you through the weekend to repair or purchase items. For example, if you have a leaking air mattress or need to seal your tent seams, this is the time to take note and get supplies. 
  • Checked your vehicle to make sure it is safe and legal. This includes wipers, lights, tire pressure, and fluids. You should also have an emergency kit and your license, registration & insurance current. Breaking down and/or getting pulled over on your way to a festival is not recommended. 
  • Made a shopping list and started your non-perishable shopping (water, soda, beer, batteries, paper products, and utensils). Pro tip: chill those liquids in the refrigerator now; warm beverages will melt your ice that much faster. 
  • Made 20 gallons of rum punch. (OK, this probably only applies to Camp Velcro, but if it's your tradition too, get to work.)
We'll check back on your progress tomorrow, and have another list for you. In the meantime ... GET PACKING—IT'S VIBES TIME!!!