Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The rest of the credits

Now that I've had a day to sleep it off, and memories are coming into focus, I want to take the opportunity to thank some more folks who made this such a great weekend.

WPKN table & hippie van:
Thanks to Paul Nordling for the van, and Terry Hopper & Kathy Reilly for spending an incredible amount of time meeting and greeting listeners all weekend long. You may have also met Mark Muller, Sam Hopkins, DJ Darkflow, Bobby Mondavi, and John Corvino, among others.

The following WPKN programmers yielded precious air time for the broadcast:
  • 3rd Thursday: Cliff Furnald, Binnie Klein, John Motavalli, Bob Shapiro, Eric Ford
  • 3rd Friday: Dave O., Richard Pheneger, Howard Thompson, Mike Horyczun, Ray Terlaga, Kathy de Mino, Eric Ford
  • 3rd Saturday: Car Bob, John Lugo, Deb Guhl, Larry Stoler, Jeff Day, Mikki
  • 4th Sunday: Lou Pomales, Pam Smith, Liz Becker (filling in for Bill & Joan Nolan)
These folks all do wonderful radio. Please give them a listen when you have a chance. Special thanks to program director Ebong Udoma for letting me wreak havoc with the schedule for four days.

Don't forget, WPKN is a listener-supported community station. It's listeners like you who keep it going. Please consider making an online donation today.

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