Friday, July 13, 2012

The end of the beginning

Link to the mother ship
The planning phase is over, and the building phase has begun. The broadcast circuit connecting Seaside Park to WPKN has been installed. The day the phone company installer shows up is the day it all becomes real.

Home for the festival weekend

Once we successfully send audio from the bandshell back to the studio – to be sure everything is "just exactly perfect" – we start packing everything we need to set up our remote studio. There's nothing glamorous about our backstage studio. It's an 8' x 10' room in a trailer, but it's where we spend most of the weekend during Vibes.

Freshly unboxed
Meanwhile, on the home front, Dave G. has a brand new Mac Mini that will have its shakedown cruise at Vibes. This is where all the interviews are edited.

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