Sunday, July 22, 2012

Roll the credits

You've heard Janet, Cliff, Dagan, Gordy, and me all weekend on mic, but this broadcast would be impossible without the many people behind the scenes. Many programmers yielded their air time so that we could do this special broadcast, and many others volunteered their time in the WPKN studio watching the board and programming radio between bands all weekend, or hanging out at our tent and van at the festival. If I leave any names out, please don't be upset.

In-studio support: Terry Hopper, Bob Johnson, Sam Hopkins, Rod Richardson, Dave O., Mark Muller, Collette Rossignol, DJ Dizzy, Eric Ford, Mark Mushin, DJ Mondavi, Larry Stoler & Phil Bowler, Jeff Day, Del, Liz Becker, Tom Poplawski, and Lou Pomales.

Special thanks to Dave Schwartz, who doesn't like to take credit, but is the technical wizard who sets up our remote studio here on the festival grounds, WPKN's technical director Mark Conese for the in-studio work, and former General Manager Peter Bochan for the vision and leadership in our studio upgrade. WPKN's new General Manager Steve di Costanzo has worked tirelessly to coordinate things around the studio and with our on-site tent and hippie van.

Thanks to Ken Hays for inviting us to be part of Gathering of the Vibes, and to the staff for their support, and my broadcast partner Gordon Taylor –  as Main Stage MC.

Above all, thanks to my wife Janet Golden for coming with me on this crazy adventure for the past six years.

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