Saturday, May 30, 2015

Eddie Z's Festival Meal Plan Strategy, Part 2

Grillmaster Eddie Z is a festival veteran and knows his way around cooking for large groups. Here is Part 2 of his meal plan strategy.

 Split meals between "Stay and Play" and "Rapid Deploy" 

"Stay and Play" when you're not in a real big rush to get to the stages, and you don't mind an hour long grilling session. Rapid Deploy meals are for when you're in a rush. Examples are: Sandwiches/Salads/Lunch meats/Snacks/Bars/baked goods...slam it together in minutes and be done with it. The Rapid Deploy meals come in handy during unplanned inclement weather, or after dark meals too. Or if your so buzzed that purple unicorns with tin foil helmets are playing with your fuzzy antlers. ;-)

Pro Tip: For Stay and Play grilling sessions, choose thinner cuts of meat to reduce grilling time.

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